Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 Day Post Activation...

So this morning was easy. Brianna was eager to put the speech processors on. She is really good at putting the right one on. That was the side with the hearing aid, so she has had practice. One thing we are having a problem with is keeping the BTEs on her ear. The double sided tape isn't working yet because it bothers her incision. So I used the snug fit ear hook. It hooks around the top and bottom of the ear. She said that was bothering her too by the end of the school day. So I have come up with a solution until the incision stops bothering her...a fabric headband. I put the headband behind the processor, over the cable. So now if it falls off, at least it won't fall to the ground. Funny story....(well funny now anyway.)
So I dropped the girls off at daycare. I showed Miss Anna (the daycare provider) how to attach the processor to her head. I left and headed off to work. About 9am, I received a phone call from an upset student aid (Mrs. Schurr). She is the wonderful woman who I am giving credit for Brianna's continued success at school during this time of total deafness. Anyway, she proceeds to tell me a story of a beautiful little girl, who received her bilateral cochlear implant processors yesterday, and for some reason, this little girl decided to jump off the school bus into a puddle. Now, when this jump finished, in what was, I am sure a wonderful landing, the processors flew off her head and into a rain puddle. Obviously upset, the wonderful little girl picks up her processors and runs into the school to find her student aid. Upon placing the processors on her head, they are not working. A flashing H6 is displayed on the LED panel. In disbelief, the student aid calls this lively little girl's mother. That's where I come in. Now, I must tell you, hearing this, my heart slowed. I don't even think I was breathing, until the H6 part. I haven't memorized all the error codes, but this is one that I know. H6 means that the speech processors are on the wrong ears. I had Mrs. Schurr and Brianna switch them. Sigh of relief, they work now. My goodness, can't my little girl pretend she isn't a 7 year old for just a few days! Does she really have to test the "water resistance" of the processors after only having them for 1/2 a day?!?!? So, they are in the drying kit right now, but all seems well. I can laugh about it now. So, we have learned 2 valuable lessons here: 1. The speech processors will survive a fall to a puddle on the ground, and 2. Brianna is Brianna. :)
As far as progress today, she said that everyone sounds a bit more clear. Children sound like they are chewing something while talking, and adult women sound like they have a sore throat. We played our game where I cover my mouth and she repeats. She gets her name right away. I did fire truck, and she got fire right, but couldn't get the 2nd word. I did I Love You again, and she got that. And I did orange, which she also got correct. She was so proud. She used her 2nd program today, and didn't complain about it, so that's good I think. Tomorrow we go for another mapping. We will get her beige processors then as well. Now we will have a backup. Brianna really doesn't want those ones, so I guess they will really be spares and for emergency only.
I really want to thank you all for your continued support. This is so much more amazing that I ever imagined it to be. She hasn't said "what's that?" yet to me, but everything else she does is just wonderful. I am amazed. Brianna has always amazed me, this I am sure will never end. She is great!


Laurie said...

Sounds like a great "1st" day! I use HandiTack (from the office supply store) to keep my processors on. It's the yellow stuff that you can use to hang pictures, etc. on the wall without nails.

I once got my cell phone wet and dried it out in my Dry-N-Store and it worked the next day!

Looking forward to your next update!

Tom's mum said...

How exciting and great to know how she feels and how excited by her hearing. Our son was so little when he was switched on it was all a bit of guesswork!!

I have put his magnets back on the wrong sides a few times. He usually bursts into tears and shouts "but I want to hear", my heart stops and I think oh no they are broken ...then realise what I've done, the relief!!

Really looking forward to more updates

Christian's Mommy said...

Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming!

Abbie said...

LOL! Kids will be kids :) She sound like she is coming along swimmingly!! :)

Sheri Byrne-Haber said...

Congratulations Brianna !

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Bill and Shelly said...

Sounds like Brianna's doing great!!
Looking forward to more updates.

Terri Monday said...

My son is 4 today! He had the cochlear implant surgery on May 19 2009 and he had them activated on the 25th of June. I had nothing but problems getting him to wear them. He has no speech whatsoever, but here we are almost 6 months later and he loves them, he knows that when we go to school the processors are part of his school clothing and we myst put them on before we can leave. If you don't mind me asking why does your daughter have to have the cochlear implants? My son has a genetic mutation called connexion 26. I wish your and your daughter nothing but wonderful progress. Best Wishes.