Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brianna through and through!

This is a picture of Brianna a few weeks ago. What a fireball!
This is her daily look. She is so stubborn, so opinionated, and so Brianna! I absolutely love this picture. I love taking pictures of the kids, and each one shows a little bit of their personalities. But this picture takes the cake. It is my favorite picture. Some people would look at this and say "What a brat." I look at this, and realize that Brianna has gone through so much this year. She has given everything 100% and she still remains the same as she has always been. She is such a loving child. And, when she doesn't want her picture taken, boy can she express that in her face! I hope you all enjoy a little smile when you see this!
An update from Brianna's mapping this past week. Her audiogram shows 25-30dB almost straight across. She still has a little dip around 3000-6000Hz. She is understanding words so well. I can talk to her in another room, and she can respond appropriately. Now comes the task of weaning her off of lip reading. Since Brianna taught herself to lip read at a very young age (we didn't learn that she was probably born with a hearing loss until 2 years ago), it's a habit that we have to try and break. We really want her to rely on the CI for communication, and at least get her to a comfortable state of lip reading and hearing with the CI. She also had a speech evaluation. She has normal speech for her age. Everything was age appropriate, and she has even begun to correct her "r" sound! They said that she is doing well on her own, and have no special speech therapy recommendation for this coming school year. That is great to hear! She never had much of a speech problem, and in my eyes, the less time she spends out of the classroom, the better. She is in a mainstream school, and I want her to continue that way. I have always been worried about her missing class to go to "special services". In previous years, they have always been able to take her out during free time, or specials (art, gym or music). But I want her to experience everything, hopefully this will be the year for that.
Hope everyone is well!


Bill and Shelly said...

That is such great news on how well she is doing.
My kids started school this week and are both in a mainstream classroom, the only special thing Jared is using is an FM system. Both Jared and Allison will be seeing a H/I teacher, but other than that they are on their own. Isn't technology wonderful? :-)

Laurie said...

That is so great that you still have your "Brianna" in spite of all that you have been through. I think it is wonderful that you have given her every opportunity to participate in the hearing world with her cochlear implants. Looking forward to hearing more!

Abbie said...

I love that picture of her! She seems to moving mountains with her new implants! I'm glad to see that she is going to be mainstreamed!