Thursday, October 16, 2008

IEP Meeting

So Brianna's first IEP meeting is next Thursday. I hopefully can attend. It's during the day, So hopefully I can get off of work. I called Brianna's doctors and asked them to write letters for me to bring. Does anyone have any other suggestions for me? I have been reading the laws, and how to prepare, but it is all so confusing. I don't really know what I should be asking for. I guess I am a bit overwhelmed.

Ok, so the letter came yesterday, the meeting is in a week, during my normal work day, I have 1 day of vacation that I can still use for the rest of the year (I wanted to save it for the day after Christmas, but oh well). Does anyone know how long these meetings are? And most importantly, what should I expect? I mean, will this be the only meeting, or will it drag out through meeting after meeting? What do they mean by saying in the letter that it is a "mutually agreeable time"? I didn't agree to the time, wasn't even given options except to not come, do a teleconference, or postpone it.

I am really confused about what I am supposed to ask for. I mean, Brianna gets all the help that she needs (in my opinion). She sees the Hearing Itinerant every day, she has preferential seating and a very patient and caring teacher. What more could we ask for, right? Well one thing is an FM system. They gave me a hard time on that one already this year. Can I ask for that to be added to the IEP? Does it get that specific? All you moms and dads out there, all you experts...can you provide me with information I can understand? I read the laws, the meanings of the different terms that the laws use, but I am still pretty clueless as to what my role really is. There won't be any medical personnel there, so hopefully the letter from the Audi will be a good thing to bring.

Other than that, things are great. Brianna is doing so well. She is getting great grades on her spelling tests! As you can imagine, spelling tests and other oral tests were the hardest for Brianna before the implants. But now, she brings home more 90-100% tests than I could have ever hoped for. She is so much more at ease with school. She is making friends and just sociable now! What a change this year has been!

Thank you all for reading this, and please let me know if you have any suggestions for me! Enjoy your Friday!

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Bill and Shelly said...

I just got done with the IEP meetings for my two children yesterday.
By all means, ask for the FM system, you have the right to this and they should not object to it.
You should ask for and get a copy of the goals they have written for Brianna before the meeting. It is good to read them ahead of time, so you can bring any concerns or questions with you to the meeting.
Also, come with a vision of the future for Brianna. This is the one we have for Jared and Allison. "We envision Jared(Allison_) being educated in an oral setting without the use of sign language and to be successful in that environment. We see Jared (Allison) going to college or entering the work force with excellent listening and oral communication skills that will enable him to be productive and independent in the hearing society."
Hope this helps and good luck with all of this.