Thursday, April 8, 2010

New IEP today

So today was our meeting for Brianna's IEP. It was so fast. Everything has worked well this year, we are making one small change. We are removing the "repeat oral directions" part and added "check for understanding of direction before preceding" for the testing portion. I feel this will be good for Brianna as she seems to get bored with the repetitive direction. At her age, they read the oral directions twice already, so with the repeat in her IEP, she was getting them 4 times, which she expressed not needing or wanting. So we will see how this goes for a year, and if it needs to change back, we will do that next year, or earlier if I really feel it necessary.
That's about it really. Brianna has gotten glasses recently, and loves them. They are purple (of course). We recently got a backup pair as well. She likes the backups more (brighter purple) so she wears those daily now and the original (expensive) ones are the backups now. Oh well.
We signed her up for Softball with the town league for this summer. I can't wait to see if she likes it. This will be her first time participating in a sport outside of gym class! She wanted to do it, her sisters and brother are doing it this summer, and I am sure that played into her decision a bit. It is very exciting. I can't wait! Maybe I am a bit more excited than any of the kids are for summer to get here!
Well, that's about it. Things are great. Brianna is great. Life is wonderful!

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