Monday, June 9, 2008

Audiogram Update

So when we went to the 3rd activation, Michelle put Brianna in a booth to see how she is doing. Brianna just amazes me. She is at about 45dB in both ears straight across! Wow, before the implant she was at 90-95, and there were dips and dives. She has about 30% word recognition in the right ear (the one that had the hearing aid before) and 0% in the left. But she is hearing sound in the left ear, and by-golly, that's good enough for me. So in three weeks, she has come leaps and bounds. It just amazes me. So, she is a bit ahead of where we dared even hope before the surgery, and it's only getting better.
Sorry to all of you looking for her activation video. My home computer S&*T the bed, and I am sure most of you can understand, after working on a computer all darn day, I just don't feel like fixing mine quite yet. Too much else going on. I love summer. This weekend was Brianna's dance recital. For not hearing much of the music (she told me she could feel it in her legs), she did great. She performed at Shea's Performing Arts Center. The same place I have sung on stage in the past. It's just a beautiful place. They have restored some of it. It takes my breath away. I am going to see Wicked there in July. Fun Fun Fun!
The garden is blooming. The air is warming and the sun is shining. I love summertime. I love it so much, I don't know why I live here in Buffalo. Oh well. Maybe someday I can get a bit further south. I appreciate the comments and views. It really lets me know that I still have every one's support! Thank you!

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leahlefler said...

Hey, you live in Buffalo? Does Brianna go to BHSC? We're in Jamestown but go to BHSC for audiology. Kind of neat to find someone else that lives in this snowed-in land in the blogosphere (g)!