Friday, July 11, 2008

A Question for those that have been there, done that

Brianna is down in Ga visiting me parents, and she let me know last night that she hears "raindrops" in her right ear. The left side isn't doing this. She can still hear, but has the raindrops as well. Any ideas on what this is and how to fix it? I suggested that she charge up her battery, and we switched to her 2nd program (she has 3 programs that are the same). Could this be tinnitus? Anyone have an idea? Thank you!


Laurie said...

Hmmmmm. Is it all the time? Or when she is in a particular location? New places can mean new sounds. Sometimes I pick up the electrical sounds in the wall near an outlet or plug. Could be a clock ticking?

Also, do you use the dry-n-store to dry out the processor every night?

I'm in a hotel right now and am hearing new things. People in the hallway, rustling sounds, etc. So I am always aware and alert. Brianna may be, too!


Rachel said...

Does she have a spare processor? If she does, could she try it to see if it's the processor? I've had a few cases in the past where I heard static or raindrops-like sound, and it was actually the processor itself that was broken. Also, since she has the Freedom, did she try changing the top cap too?

Rachel said...

Also, I see that she's in GA now. Where in GA is she? I'm in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

It's been humid in GA lately... we've had some issues ourselves! Could it just be moisture? We were in FL and had static which resolved after we dried out the processor.