Sunday, August 31, 2008

My other kids Audiograms

I had Brianna's sisters and brother's hearing tested this past week. They all tested within normal limits. Whoo, what a relief. Don't get me wrong, I think a 2nd time around might be a bit easier, but not having to do it at all is even easier! So, that's my good news for today.

Brianna's birthday is tomorrow. We got her an iPod. Just a small purple one, I think it's called a Nano. Anyway, I put a couple Disney Cd's on it, and she will give it a whirl tomorrow. I really hope everything works well for her. We have an audio cable that came with her processors, and we will get to test that out! Has anyone with implants had luck with an iPod? What about bi-laterally? Is there a way to get the signal to both processors? Maybe an adaptor or something? Well, if you have ideas, throw them my way! Thanks!

Hope this finds you all well!


Anonymous said...

My son likes to hear bilaterally as well. There are a few ways to do this: One can buy a very expensive FM system, plug the ipod into the transmitter and then the receivers pick up the signal, OR, you can buy t-links. They are a bit awkward as you have to loop them over your ears, but my son really liked the sound out of them and listens to his ipod with them all the time. Another option is a sound dock, but then everyone else has to hear it too. Here is the link for the t-links:

I got the t-links with the built in microphone and these work very well with the ipod and can be used with a cell phone or a regular phone if it has the right sized jack. Radio shack has adapters if you need to size the jack up or down.

Best of luck

OM, mom to 14 yr old with bilateral CI's

Rachel @ Cochlear Implant Online said...

I'm a big iPod user. I have never listened to music so clear until I got an iPod. So, I know that Brianna will be thrilled. Concerning how to listen to the iPod, I just use the regular white earbuds that comes with the iPod and place them between my earlobes and the processors, and I set the processor to telecoil. It's works incredibly well when I do this set up.

Can't wait to hear what Brianna thinks!

Valerie said...

I ditto what Rachel said. That is how I listen to it. Just put the ear buds on. Make sure she is on her T-mics.

Can't wait to hear about it.

Oh, The reactions to the others hearing test is very normal. The relief is great.

leahlefler said...

Glad to hear everyone else's hearing checked out! That must have been a long day of booth testing (g)!

Laurie said...

Congratulations on the hearing tests on Brianna's siblings. I'm sure you are breathing a little bit easier!

I LOVE listening to my iPod. There are several options for Brianna. That is an adapter that you can buy at Radio Shack so that she can use the accessories that came with her CI's.

The silhouette t-link from works great, also.

I use a neck loop that came with my Beetle bluetooth to listen to music on my iPod. There are several neckloops out there on the market. I have an extra one that I don't use and will be glad to mail it to Brianna. (She can also use it for the phone as well.) Email me at ldpullins at gmail dot com.

Laurie in TN