Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IEP problems

So, it was probably my fault for not pushing sooner, but here's what is going on....

Brianna never had an IEP. The school convinced me that they were doing everything necessary for Brianna (and they were), so she didn't need one at that time. Last year, knowing that state testing would start this school year, we started the IEP process. I had to fill out all these forms giving my permission for her to be evaluated by a bunch of people. Social workers, psychologists, hearing specialists, speech therapists. This was all done before the end of school last year.
So this year, right at the beginning of the year, I asked about the progress. We still had not had a meeting scheduled. I was told that the paperwork was sent to the special ed dept, and I would have to call them. I did. 4 phone calls later, I was finally called back. They said that they had no record at all of Brianna being special needs. OK, so I called the school. Left a message and then the Special Ed dept. called me back again stating that the paperwork was still being completed. It had been at least 3 months! So I called the social worker at school. He let me know that he sent the paperwork to the Special Ed dept, and that I would have information sent to me within 2 days. That was last Monday! So by time Friday rolled around, I started calling again. I read that you are supposed to have the IEP meeting within 30 days of the testing. We are well over that time frame. So, since I didn't get the paperwork I called again on Friday. Today I get a voicemail from the Special Ed dept letting me know that by Friday I should have some paperwork to fill out and send back again.
I am getting very frustrated. I don't know what paperwork I still need to fill out, but darn, can't we get this moving? You would think, hey here's a little girl that needs our help, lets help her. I will keep you all updated, but I really just needed to vent. I love her school system, and she isn't being denied anything that she needs, but she needs the IEP in place before the testing this spring. Part of the testing is a verbal listening portion, and I want her to be able to either read that section or have someone sit there and read it to her, face-to-face. Hopefully this will be possible.
Other than that, things are going OK. Brianna is doing well in school this year. Her teacher is great. She spent some time this summer learning about cochlear implants, and was very knowledgeable when I first spoke with her in August. I couldn't ask for better teachers!


Anonymous said...

Its awesome that you are calling and getting involved.. you helped make the school sit up and realize that this needs to get done! Keep Pushing!!

Val said...

um, that is totally unacceptable!!! Honestly, after that many calls, I'd go park my butt at that sp.ed dept. and tell them I'm not leaving until I had an IEP scheduled. I mean, sorry...but this is a child who needs services, needs a plan, needs something showing her rights are forefront and that she's getting FULL ACCESS to the school days. Oh, this is so disappointing and should never have taken this long!!!! keep us updated.