Thursday, April 17, 2008

12 days and counting down!

So we are 12 days out. Brianna had her pre-surgical evaluation on Tuesday. Everything went fine. I am glad about that. They let us know what will happen that day. I was the only one paying any attention though. Brianna was sitting on my lap sleeping! I guess having the week off of school to do nothing but play and run around has just worn her out.
So, the day before surgery, they will call us with the surgery time. She is "tentatively" scheduled for 8am. We have to be there by 6am. They will take her into a room, which is no more than a bed with a curtain around it. She will get her last check up and then off to pre-op. The nurse said that I might not be able to go back there with her. We will see. I hope that I can stay with her for as long as possible. I don't want her to get scared and not have anyone to turn to except strangers. Then she will be off to surgery. Then recovery and home! All in 1 day. She won't stay overnight unless they think that she needs to.
Brianna is very excited. She talks about her surgery daily. I can't imagine where she gets the braveness and strength that she has. I am sure it's not me, I am petrified. I am more than petrified, is there a word for that? Well if there is, multiply that by 100 and that's me. I just want the day to come and go with no problems. Then I can worry about the next step.
So, 12 more days to go...

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