Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update on Surgery....She's home

Brianna did wonderful. I will keep this short and sweet because I am truly exhausted.

We got to the hospital at 6:00am. They took us immediately to the pre-op area. There we played cards for a while until they were ready for her. We met really quick with the surgeon, anesthesiologist , and the nurses. They let me know that a rep from Cochlear America was there, as well as the ENT surgical students that I gave authorization to view the surgery. They took her into the OR at 8:15. At 10:30 I got the first call, the doctor was working on the 1st side, and everything was going great. It will still be a few more hours. The nurse suggested we go eat. We took her advise and went in pairs (Wes and my parents were there with me). So after lunch and a trip to the gift shop, I returned to the waiting area. At 1:25, Dr Diaz-Ordaz came in, and said that they were finished, everything went perfectly, and they were able to get full insertion on both sides. YEAH! She is in recovery, and they will get us when she wakes up. 20 minutes later, she was asking for mommy. They had removed the IV before she woke up (and put it in after she was asleep), so she didn't even know she had one! She looked so tired. By 3pm, we were out the door. She had 1 dose of Tylenol because she was saying that the incision area hurt. We came home and she was hungry. So 1 pudding cup, Reese's peanut butter cup and a bowl of soup later...she was back to herself. She watched scooby doo with the captions on, and was just as happy and full of energy as ever.

She received 2 of the cutest little koala bears with cochlear implants! She is asleep with them now. The doctor said that she has about 70% chance of retaining her residual hearing, so in a few days we will know if she has any of that available. If she does, the surgeon said that she can resume wearing the hearing aid after 1 week.

These are some pictures from today, and I will update again soon! Thank you guys for your support. So far so good!


Christian's Mommy said...

Isn't it amazing how well these kids do after these surgeries? I'll be following your journey. We were just implanted last week, and we are counting down to activation day!

Christian's Mommy

Abbie said...

Brianna looks absolutely great!! That picture of her is certainly going to be a blackmail picture when she gets older :) Kids bounce back so quickly and it doesn't surprise me that Brianna did! I am amazed how quickly he did the surgery, it took three hours just for my one implant but they had problems getting it in.

I'm so kind this part is over :) I willing to bet you feel like a balloon that has been deflated! :) Have you gotten any word when her switch on date is?

Li-Li's Mom said...

What an amazing girl! The worst is over, now you just have lots of fun ahead.

I'm so envious -- they moved wonderfully fast! We were told that bilaterals can take 9 hours, and that would be too much for the wee one, but after reading of your experience, I'm wishing I'd have strong-armed our surgeon.

Can't wait to see your activation shots!

Karen said...

Those are nice odds on retaining the residual hearing!

Wishing her a happy activation day!

Drew's Mom said...

Congratulations to you (and Brianna!) for having this part behind you! She looks amazing. And I love her with her new stuffed animals.

Now, you need a countdown to activation day. So exciting... She is going to do fabulous.

Mom to Toes said...

Oh, SO precious. What a gorgeous girl.

She has two bears! My 2 1/2 year old daughter is so attached to her CI Bear. It is her #1 lovey. I don't understand it... they are such scratchy things. ;)

I'll be watching for a speedy recovery and an exciting activation!