Monday, April 28, 2008

Tomorrow is the Surgery Day

So Brianna is fast asleep. She will be getting up so early in the morning. We have to be to the hospital by 6am. I received the call today confirming the 8am surgery time. She is so amazing. She is excited, and not the least bit scared. I sat her down and explained that the needle for the IV is only going to help, and that it will be done and over really quick. She seems ok with it now. We will see about tomorrow. I will update when I can after the surgery.

A note to all you wonderful people who left me support, advise and understanding, I really appreciate it. I am so greatful to you Abbie for getting everyone together when I really needed people there with me. The support was amazing. I feel so much better about this, I have had my ups and downs, and man, you guys all gave me a great "up"! I really appreciate it, I can't express how greatful I am that when I was down and really just needing someone to be there to pick me up, you all came through.

It has been one heck of a ride so far... and the exciting part is yet to come. Wish us luck tomorrow and I will report back with Brianna's amazing bravery and strength asap!


Abbie said...

She is in my thoughts dear! You will be really surprised how quickly she bounces back...

Just don't forget the tylenol on the way out! :) I will be looking for an update tomorrow!

Laurie said...

Hello! Abbie sent me here. . .how did Brianna do today? I'm sure she did great. . . kids usually bounce back quicker than us adults!

I have bilateral cochlear implants and love them. My hearing loss was discovered at age 2 and I wore hearing aids up until 2005 when I received my first CI. I'm amazed at the advances of technology and Brianna is lucky to be young enough to experience it in her early years.

Looking forward to your next update!